12.03.2014 XAML and Windows Store App 8.1 development: 15 things that will make development easier with Iris Classon


Dear .NET enthusiasts,

We have an exciting event to announce! Iris Classon is visiting Lucerne and will talk about XAML and Windows Store App 8.1 development. Make sure you don’t miss this exciting opportunity to meet her in person! The event will take place on Wednesday the 12th March 2014. Be sure to get your seat reserved now!

We are still looking for interesting short presentations for our usergroup meetings. Short presentations are the ideal format to give away your insights about the latest tools and techniques you use in your daily job. It is also a very good platform to sharpen your presenter skills. Send us an email to urs dot enzler at dotnet-zentral.ch or daniel dot marbach at dotnet-zentral.ch. Take the chance: you can give it in German or English!


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3. Main: XAML and Windows Store App 8.1 development: 15 things that will make development easier with Iris Classon
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6 PM – 8:30/9:00 PM (After that apero)


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Main: XAML and Windows Store App 8.1 development: 15 things that will make development easier

I’ve been working with mostly XAML my whole career and I’ve discovered some nifty things and ways to solve quirks and tedious problems in WinRT. For this session I would like to share 15 things that I wish I had known from the start that would have made life as a XAML developer in WinRT easier for me. We are going to cover easy state management, decoupling animations from the ViewModel, cross platform sharing of code, ways to handle design time data, working with event arguments in MVVM, coded UI tests and more- using Visual Studio, Blend and a few more tools.

If you develop for Windows Store Apps, or are a different type of XAML developer,- there should be something for you in this session as I am very confident everybody will leave this session having learned something new.

Main: Speaker

Iris Classon is an appreciated speaker, writer, blogger and Microsoft C# MVP with a tremendously passion for programming. She has had a remarkable career path that proves that nothing is impossible- as a licensed and registered clinical dietician she decided in 2011 that she wanted to learn programming and rapidly went from 0 to 100. Within her first year, she earned MCSD, MCPD and MCTS certifications and was invited to join MEET – Microsoft Extended Experts Team, in addition to landing a fulltime developer job after just six months and a position as a Technical Evangelist for the renowned international company Telerik as well as earning a Microsoft MVP award for her contribution to the dev community.

She has been featured in several newspaper articles, online articles and podcasts such as Hanselminutes, Computer Sweden and Developer Magazine. As an appreciated and frequent speaker at conferences such as TechDays, Scandinavian Developer Conference and various user groups she is known for her unique, creative and uplifting presentation style. On her spare time she does pro-bono work and is very engaged in the developer community, she also enjoys extreme sports such as barefoot running, mountain biking, weightlifting and scuba diving- and of course traveling.

Her motto is, if you think you can or can’t- you are most likely right.


By using our xing group dotnet-zentral or our website under Anmeldung. Attention: Seats are limited!

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Urs Enzler and Daniel Marbach

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