20.10.2015 Trench Talk – Models and friends with Yves Reynhout


Dear .NET friends and enthusiasts,

We long talked about it. Now finally the time has come. We proudly present Yves Reynhout. He dives with us into Domain Driven Design in his trench talk. In our point of view, he is THE practitioner when it comes to Domain Driven Design. Come and see, don’t miss it!


1. Introduction
2. Intro: Introduction to GO
3. Main: Trench Talk – Models and friends
4. Knowledge Exchange/Apéro


bbv Software Services AG, Blumenrain 10, Luzern, 1. Stock
(Details siehe http://www.dotnet-zentral.ch/?page_id=98)


6 PM – 8:30/9:00 PM (After that apero)


Intro: Introduction to GO

Originally envisioned to become a replacement for the tons of unsafe C-code at Google, GO has quickly been adopted by companies around the world and powers some of the most impressive large-scale systems around the world. GO takes radically different approaches in topics like multithreading, polymorphism, exception handling and many others. You will get an overview of the language, it’s building blocks, tooling and see some live samples.

Intro: Michael Ingold

Michael started programming at the age of 13 and has never quit since. Starting out with PHP lead him through VB.NET to C# .Net and many other languages including GO. He’s excited about technology and how to combine them into great products. When he’s not coding he is usually occupied coaching teams implementing or improving agile development methods (mostly Scrum) or in more technical challenges like testing or refactoring. He likes learning new things, favors tea over coffee any day, is married and likes to take long hikes.

Main: Trench Talk – Models and friends

This talk about domain driven design takes the janitor’s cut to models and friends. How they’re crunched, born, tested against scenarios, how they’re useful, what distinguishes them from others, how they’re visualized and communicated, how they change over time, how they do not always turn out the way you want them to be, how some of them turn to mud, how they don’t live in isolation, how … well, you’ll just have to attend to hear more, won’t you?

Main: Yves Reynhout

yvesHe’s a very passionate human being, passionate about what he does and how he lives his life. Apart from the constant improvement of his skillset, he also gives back, sharing what he’s learned. Loyal, “firm but fair”, empathic are traits people have come to associate with him. Though getting results is what counts, he fully realizes the journey is what gets us there.

His past work involved building web-native, multi-user products with enterprise scale features such as high configurability by end users, authentication & authorization, printing & reporting, integration with third parties & devices using both messaging and remote procedure calls. He analyzed, designed, documented, fleshed out models, architected solutions into bite-sized portions, wrote automated test specifications at the unit, integration, story, and UI level, wrote code at every layer and tier in the stack, scripted deployments and engaged in the operational side of running software at customer sites, all in order to satisfy requirements and customer happiness.

As a technical and team lead, he bridged the gap between product owner, technology, team, problems and solutions. Facilitator during agile planning meetings, teacher during coding dojos, presenter during knowledge transfer sessions, are but a few of his past efforts. It’s safe to say that, throughout his career, teaching and learning have been the only constants.

His areas of expertise are Domain Driven Design, Command and Query Responsibility Segregation, Eventsourcing, Test driven development, Messaging, etc. One last thing, he still writes code 😉


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