28.05.2018 Mapping DDD Domain Types with EF Core 2.1 with Julie Lerman


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We are proud to present you a highlight before the summer break. Julie Lerman will be talking about Domain Driven Design with Entity Framework Core 2.1 and Johnny Graber will be delivering his NDC Oslo talk about What Doctors can teach us on continuous learning. Don’t miss this opportunity to get two awesome talks in a row!


1. Introduction
2. What Doctors Can Teach Us on Continuous Learning with Johnny Graber
3. Mapping DDD Domain Types with EF Core 2.1 with Julie Lerman
4. Knowledge Exchange/Apéro


bbv Software Services AG, Blumenrain 10, Luzern, 1. Stock
(Details siehe http://www.dotnet-zentral.ch/?page_id=98)


6 PM – 8:30/9:00 PM (After that apero)


What Doctors Can Teach Us on Continuous Learning

Do you try to keep up with all the new frameworks, patterns and trends in IT? Good luck, it’s an endless stream of things to learn. The good news: software development isn’t the only profession with this problem. Doctors face the same challenges and must keep the safety of patients in mind while working as cost-effective as possible. With much higher stakes, it’s no surprise that medicine is a highly regulated field with explicit rules on the lifelong training – rules that we can use as a source of inspiration for our training.

In this session we will look how doctors organise their continuing medical education, debunk some myths about learning and figure out how we can use our daily work as a jumpstart for improvement.


Johnny Graber

Johnny Graber uses his skills at the Swiss Medical Association to reduce the administrative burdens for doctors in Switzerland. As a member of a small team he wears many hats that range from full stack developer to project manager. His work gives him many chances to understand that the biggest challenges in software development aren’t the technical ones.

Mapping DDD Domain Types with EF Core 2.1

Entity Framework half-heartedly supported DDD patterns. But the new-from-scratch EF Core has brought new hope for DDD practitioners to map your well-designed domain classes to a database, reducing the cases where a separate data model is needed. EF Core 2.1 is very DDD friendly, even supporting things like fully encapsulated collections, backing fields and the return of support for value objects. In this hands we’ll review some well-designed aggregates and explore how far EF Core 2.1 goes to act as the data model between your domain classes and your data store.

Julie Lerman

Julie Lerman is a Microsoft MVP (since 2003), mentor and consultant. You can find Julie presenting at conferences around the world on Entity Framework, Domain Driven Design and whatever other technologies excite her (maybe even JavaScript!). Julie blogs at thedatafarm.com/blog, is the author of the highly acclaimed “Programming Entity Framework” books, the MSDN Magazine Data Points column and popular videos on Pluralsight.com. Follow Julie on twitter at julielerman.


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