13.12.2018 Chaos Engineering on Azure with Paul Stack


Hi chaos monkeys ;),

We are proud to present once again as a finale of 2018 a great event with Paul Stack.

We are still looking for interesting short presentations for our usergroup meetings. Short presentations are the ideal format to give away your insights about the latest tools and techniques you use in your daily job. It is also a very good platform to sharpen your presenter skills. Send us an email to urs dot enzler at dotnet-zentral.ch or daniel dot marbach at dotnet-zentral.ch. Take the chance: you can give it in German or English!


1. Introduction
2. Chaos Engineering on Azure with Paul Stack
3. Knowledge Exchange/Apéro


bbv Software Services AG, Blumenrain 10, Luzern, 1. Stock
(Details siehe http://www.dotnet-zentral.ch/?page_id=98)


6 PM – 8:30/9:00 PM (After that apero)


Chaos Engineering on Azure

Chaos Engineering is a methodology that experiments on a distributed system in order to build confidence that the system will work well in production. Essentially, we experiment by trying to break our system to uncover system weakness. 

In this talk, Paul will cover the basics of Chaos Engineering, give some case studies of companies that currently do this in production and give an introduction to some of the techniques you can apply adopt these practices with your Azure solutions.

Paul Stack

Paul Stack is a London based infrastructure coder and has spoken at various events throughout the world about his passion for continuous integration, continuous delivery and good operational procedures and why they should be part of what developers and system administrators do on a day to day basis. He believes that reliably delivering software is more important as its development. Paul’s passions are the DevOps and Continuous Delivery movements and how they help the entire business and its customers.


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