21.2.2019 Microservices in Azure with Fabian Wohlschläger


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Another great event in February with Fabian Wohlschläger from Microsoft. Please be aware that we start 6:30 PM so a bit later than usual.

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1. Introduction
2. Microservices in Azure with Fabian Wohlschläger
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bbv Software Services AG, Blumenrain 10, Luzern, 1. Stock
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6:30 PM – 8:30/9:00 PM (After that apero)


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Microservices in Azure

Microservices are no silver bullet, but extremely useful in certain scenarios. They also play along quite nicely with the cloud, e.g. Azure. This presentation deep-dives into the microservices architectural style – from the basics up to more advanced topics like integrating external non-microservice systems or implementing reporting functionality. We will also discover which Azure services may support you along the journey and conclude with a checklist helping you to decide if microservices are a good fit for your problem domain.

Fabian Wohlschläger

Fabian works as Cloud Solution Architect within Microsoft and focuses on Application Development. Besides that he is a member of the Microsoft DevOps champions and an expert in Microservices. Prior to Microsoft, he spent 8 years in IT Consulting before serving as platform architect within KPMG. In his previous roles he led multinational development teams and advised C-level executives regarding cloud strategy. Besides helping FSI customers to achieve more by leveraging Microsoft Azure, he enjoys backpacking, gaming XBox and all kinds of sports.


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