29.4.2024 #nullable enable – unlock the power of C# nullability with Maarten Balliauw


Hi everyone, After exploring an almost null free type safe world of FSharp with Isaac we are going to unlock the power of C# nullability to make our C# code more robust. We are looking forward to hosting once more Maarten Balliauw. nullable enable – unlock the power of C# nullability Get ready to bid farewell to the dreaded System.NullReferenceException and step into the wonderful world of...

11.12.2023 Large Language Models, Data & APIs: Integrating Generative AI Power into your solutions – with Python & .NET with Christian Weyer


Hi everyone, Yeah December is usually a busy month and you are trying to cram as much cookies, chocolate and other sinful joyful food into yourself. Then you are battling with the fears of not having the right Christmas gift while you are trying to occupy yourself by attending as many events as possible including the yearly company drink-up where everyone including your boss makes a fool of...