31.01.2018 Microservices with Service Fabric. Easy… or is it?


A warm welcome to 2018 To kick of the year I will present my Microservices with Service Fabric. Easy… or is it? talk. Depending on the audience I will deliver in in English or German. We are still looking for interesting short presentations for our usergroup meetings. Short presentations are the ideal format to give away your insights about the latest tools and techniques you use in your...

06.05.2016 Avoiding Microservice Megadisasters with Jimmy Bogard


  Dear “I’d rather visit an user group event instead of having a long weekend” friends We are proud to announce the amazing Mr. “Millions of Los Techies Webpage Hits Generator and unbeaten untapped King ;)” Jimmy Bogard will be hosting a session about how to avoid the Microservice Megadisasters at our Usergroup on Friday the 6th May 2016. We are well aware that...