25.01.2022 [Online] Compilers can be surprising with Bartosz Adamczewski


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After the New Year’s break, we meet for a heartwarming story about how Roslyn and the JIT compiler compile your code and how this can affect performance in unexpected ways.

Compilers can be surprising

Mike Acton used to say that a compiler can only help solve about 10% of your problem domain; the rest you have to do yourself. That was many years ago. Has something changed? Yes, with the introduction of new compilers and JIT compilers, the situation is much worse, and to have optimal code, we often need to pay more attention to what the compiler is doing (not less).

This lecture will explain why compilers are very complicated and why optimal native code generation is complex and might ruin your day.

Bartosz Adamczewski

A Performance and Data-Oriented Design freak, Concurrency researcher, and Machine Learning practitioner that creates robust systems for over ten years.

Currently, employed as a Research and Innovation Director in Iyuno-SDI where he leads computer science and data science teams.

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19:00 – 21:00


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