03.05.22 Adding authentication to your .Net Maui app with Mark Allibone


Hi everyone,

We almost can’t believe it. Finally, after so many months (shall we say years?) we’ll be hosting an event that you cannot attend in your pajamas 😉

For regular attendees that remember that blurry time pre-pandemic, please double-check the location. We temporarily use a different one because our regular venue is already booked.

Adding authentication to your .Net Maui app

So writing .Net Maui apps allows your customers to enjoy them on Windows, iOS, Android and macOS. But let’s face it what is a business app these days without proper authentication? And adding a can be an intimidating thought at first. This session will look at how you can implement authentication using the OpenID Connect & OAuth standard in your Maui apps. We will look at credentials and how we can keep the user authenticated even without having to ask for credentials over and over. So let’s make sure your authentication security is just as pleasing to your customer as the rest of the app.

Mark Allibone

Mark Allibone is a Technical Lead and a Microsoft MVP working at Rey Technology. He supports many well-known companies with their digitalization ambitions in various domains. With a passion for efficient and sound solutions, Mark does not solely aim to build functionally complete apps but apps that enable the user.
He is the co-host of the Null Pointers. You can find him on Twitter as @mallibone


Hochschule Luzern
Zentralstrasse 9, 6002 Luzern

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18:00 – 21:00


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