07.03.2023 Breaking your REST APIs to make them stronger with Jose Latorre


Hi folks,
Jose will be joining us for another great event in which we learn how to break REST APIs with performance testing.

Breaking your REST APIs to make them stronger!!

In this session, I will explain why performance testing is important and what can you get from doing it.

We will understand why Breaking (regularly) your own API is the best way to make them stronger.
All this along the different ways to test their performance, what metrics to check, what to test and how to get it done.

Then, we will do it and get our hands dirty! 🙂 – We will implement some K6 tests and run them against some test-ready APIs hosted at Azure App Service.

We will dive from a simple k6 test into a full fledged performance test, where we will see and learn some best practices, that will gets us the results that we want! For this we will combine K6 open source with K6 cloud for visualizing the results in thrilling, effortless, visualizations.

After this session you will have learned a bit on the art of breaking your APIs and how to approach it in regards to performance testing, how to use K6 for getting the job done – along some best practices.

Jose Luis Latorre

Jose is a Microsoft & K6 MVP, who works at Swiss Life. He has a cat, and his main goal in life is to provide the best quality of life for his cat. He also enjoys sharing his knowledge and having fun while doing so, either at user group talks, conferences, and trainings, even he has to fight his permanent impostor syndrome.


bbv Software Services AG
Blumenrain 10
6002 Luzern

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18:00 – 21:00


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